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Imaging services

Dental radiographs

Dental radiographs are an essential part of a full dental and oral examination. Anident’s dental radiography machinery is super modern and efficient: the radiographs of two different patients can be simultaneously worked through at our two separate stations.



In advanced cases we have, as the only clinic in Finland, an opportunity to utilize a new imaging style: 3D cone beam computed tomography (CBCT). CBCT gives us a three-dimensional view of the target area with minimal radiation exposure and a more accurate image than a traditional CT. Korjaa suomenkielisessa: yksyityiskohdilla typo CBCT imaging is especially useful in jaw fractures and oral tumors, for example. It is also useful cases where we need an accurate image of the pathology in the mouth, such as visualizing cystic lesions caused by unerupted teeth, locations of foreign bodies, or lesions in teeth and the jaw caused by tooth root infections. CBCT imaging allows us to make a 3D printout of the area, which helps us in oral tumor removal for example.

CBCT imaging is utilized in not only our dental patients, but also to image other locations, such as ears, eyes, and limbs.


Full body radiographs

For regular, full body radiographs we use a modern digital radiography machine, which we use for thoracic imaging and official hip, knee, and spine radiographs for example.

Address: Anident, Lamminpääntie 41, 02880 Veikkola, Finland • Phone number: +358500100714 • Email:
Hours: Mon-Thurs 8-20, Fri 8-16

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